Grooveshark Brand

Soon after joining the Grooveshark team, my main responsibility became: create a completely new and cohesive brand identity around the existing logo and the application’s evolving UI. After a series of revisions and successful tries at applying the working brand into various contexts (ranging from page advertisements to large format wraps of tours buses and stage banners), the main ‘Orange Branding’ became a staple for Grooveshark during 2010-2012. I established guidelines for repurposing and reproducing the ‘look and feel’ for various mediums in both web and print. I’ve scattered screenshots of the brand guidelines that defined the look and feel for both internal and out-of-house use cases.

  • Role Designer, Illustrator, Copywriter
  • For Grooveshark
  • Date 2010-2012
  • Type creative direction, branding, illustration, marketing
  • URL