Grooveshark UI

Design, marketing and branding for multiple revisions of Grooveshark’s various platforms (Web, HTML5 Mobile App, Mac App, etc.). Worked in conjunction with UI Designer Dustin Pace and Thomas Reed.

  • Role Creative Director
  • For Grooveshark
  • Date 2010-2012
  • Type product direction, creative direction, ui, branding, marketing
  • URL

The final mockup along with various changes to the images, copy and tweaks to the illustrations.

Initial Wireframe / Layout Study

A sectioned look at the player and it's final form before the 2012 launch. Functionality was placed in the upper portion "the lid" of the player to consolidate and clean up the most important aspects of playback.

Keynote graphic showing the basic interactions of the Grooveshark application structure. Part of a comprehensive 200+ document outlining structure, functionality and data included in subsequent releases.

Wireframe concepts of our HTML5 mobile application. Done in Keynote.