Added a few updated slides to the BBox Project.

Photos from an early morning trip to the zoo. Field notes: The Japanese macaques (snow monkeys) are are intensely interesting group to observe. Also, African wild dogs like to coo, hoot, dash about while wagging their tails before they're fed.

Working on some of the final touches to our Messages beta release next week.

Blog to your log's content.

Putting on the brakes!

A photo from our trip out to McCormick Bird Sanctuary.

Pondering on the convergence of interface and device. I'm excited to see things like dimming or changing the UI to suit the lighting situation / environment of the holder become more prominent.

A few photos I took while visiting Jacksonville, FL. last Christmas.

Quick storyboards for a digital children's illustration book called "The Giant Mess" that was discontinued before development.

Braved the top of our high-rise to snap a few shots of the setting sun.

This sums up my flight back to Chicago from Florida.

All hail, floppy sloth king.

Snaps from my walk into work this morning.

Working on the flow of on boarding to our new interface.

Moodboring - Scratch scratch scratch

Made this poem.

Doodling for the good of bearded kind

Experimenting with the story page


Putting together icons for the pool selection tool in the posting process.

Working out the typography and logo treatment for Coefficient's new brand.